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All rules are subject to admin discretion on a case by case basis.
  • Only one account per person allowed per Server.

  • The use of botting, browser tools, or macros to play for you is strictly not allowed.
  • Definition of botting - The use of a program or anything other than your own hand to use turns, perform attacks, or quickly purchase resources from the market.

  • Planet Trading and Battle Arranging.
  • - Examples of illegal situations:
    • Arranging to lose a colony to another player where either party has knowledge of the other's fleet or lack there of.
    • Losing colonies to another player with the intention of the colonies going back to the original party, or to any other specific party.
    • Asking to be attacked on a specific attitude (Careful, Normal, Aggressive)
    • Stating or insinuating you're at base pr or what your fleet is to attacking parties.

    - Examples of legal situations:
    • Announcing your colonies in public chats, when you will leave dp, and what power rating you will be at. So long as this does not violate Rule:III Example:IV.
    • Using federation or allied intelligence of another parties fleet.

  • Market Rules
  • - Any market transactions intended to specifically benefit one or both of the involved players are prohibited. Use good judgement!

  • Account Rules
  • - Examples of illegal situations:
    • More than one person playing an account.
    • Swapping accounts with another player.
    • Selling your account.
    • Letting another player access your account for any reason.

  • Federation Rules
    • A member resigning or kicking a member of the federation for the express purpose of gain between federation members.
    • - Examples of illegal situations:
      • To intentionally exchange colonies between one member and another.
      • To induce damage protection with little to no loss.
      • To abuse ship capture mechanic.
      • Anything that would fall under Planet Trading, and Battle Arranging rules.

  • Abusing a bug or loophole.
    • Bugs and loopholes must be reported to staff.
    • If you're unsure if something you've encountered is a bug, contact a staff member for clarification.

  • Extra information
    • Complaints against staff should be submitted to BadWolf in private with as much information as possible.
    • BadWolf can be reached via email, in game messages (Amadea RT), or over discord.
    • Join our discord
All rules are subject to admin discretion on a case by case basis.

Case information is private between staff and player involved.
Past history and severity of offense will be taken into account for punishments but are ultimately decided at admin discretion.


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