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  No defence special rule  

So the rule says that the ship cannot return fire if attacked. That makes sense if you have the lower range, so will fire second, but what about if you have a higher range, so you should attack first, because then you haven`t actually been attacked.
I will give an example, which is actually why i`m asking the question.
Say my top stack are thors` (range 11, no def. special rule) and i`m attacked by another terran with a top stack of herculers (range 5). Do I get to fire? The same question also applies to the no retaliation rule. It`s not retaliation if I shoot first
99+ day(s) ago
Right, I see, so in one round of combat there are actually a possible 4 attacks, not two. It makes sense now, thanks Kaneda.
99+ day(s) ago
Check out my stacking guide, it explains the difference between an attack, and a "return fire"
The specials remove the ability to return fire while being attacked, not the ships actual ability to attack


this link is also on the "Helpful Links" thread
99+ day(s) ago
So say if it went up like this:

10000 P.thor - 1 million PR
45 Hercs - 2 million PR

if the Thor was still the top stack then it would still hit first irrespective of the PR difference?

(numbers made up)
99+ day(s) ago
You fire first, due to range. Then the Hercs fire. But you misunderstand. Say you have Garuda vs Sword (neither have any special mods). It will go like this:

XXX`s Garuda fire at YYY`s Sword!
-100 Sword were destroyed
-20 Garuda were lost in the attack

YYY`s Sword fire at XXX`s Garuda!
-40 Garuda were destroyed
-20 Sword were lost in the attack

Whereas Thor vs Herc will look like this:

XXX`s Thor fire at YYY`s Herc
-1 Herc were destroyed

YYY`s Herc fire at XXX`s Thor
-200 Thor destroyed

(numbers completely made up)

See the difference?

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