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  Maximizing profit  

Been running some numbers and found the best way to maximize profit by putting levels in housing with different races and styles of play.

Commercial Terran - 7 housing rest to commercial
Agriculture Terran - 4 housing rest to agriculture
Industrial A.Miner - 6 housing rest to industry
Agriculture Collective - 2 housing rest to agriculture
99+ day(s) ago
Really old thread I made, but I will be willing to dispute your claim that 7 housing is optimal for every income type. I can provide the math for every possible income for every race that doesn`t include tax or mining.
99+ day(s) ago
there are two variables you can adjust yourself (land and research) and the rest are independant (colony/racial mods)

consider that your income is a function of all of these variables, the independant ones are constant and we can exclude them for now while we maximize the dependant ones.

our two equations to play with are:

hous + other = 255 lvls
(land - roundup(land/(10+hous)) )*(X + (X*other/10) ) = income

where X=5 for comm and indus, and 1 for agri

for either case, a maximum results from 7 housing and 248 other for all races for comm, agri, and indus

after that, you just get screwed or benefit from racial mods

heres the table i generated from excel,


its comma delimited, sry about that, but basically the first 2 columns denote research, the next 3 denote land allocation, and the last column is the resulting production (creds, CGs, food) which then gets multiplied by racial and colony mods and finally by market values if applicable
99+ day(s) ago
what about 8 housing rest commercial for terran?
99+ day(s) ago
For instance say you have one thousand land

with 0 housing 1000 land / 20 population = 50 that`s how many housing infra you need to be able to use all the land 1000 - 50 = 950 that`s how much you can put to agri

950 - agri penalty for planet type + infra research bonus + racial bonus

let`s say it is a similare c.2
(((950 - 5%) + 2550%) + 50%) = 35874.375 per turn food production

Now if you have 2 housing with same land

1000 / 24 = 41.66666 you round 41.6 up to 42
1000 - 42 = 958
(((958 - 5%) + 2530%) + 50%) = 35903.445

Granted it in not a very large difference but the extra 2 housing helps. And after all the thread was called Maximizing Profit.
99+ day(s) ago
I was figuring the +2 from missions into my numbers for terrans. Also if you do the math for collective they will get more production out of the same amount of land with 2 housing then with 0.
99+ day(s) ago
zero....mineral miners never use any pop at all,.....due to not using any land
99+ day(s) ago
What about Mineral miners?? how much housing do they need?
99+ day(s) ago
collective needs no housing they have 2x pop.

commercial terran needs only 5 due to missions giving +2 housing
99+ day(s) ago
Darn!! I have 3 too many infrastructure on fast! lol
99+ day(s) ago
2 more I figured out

Commercial Viral - 6 housing rest to commercial
Agriculture Marauder - 6 housing rest to agriculture
99+ day(s) ago
Put all to housing :)
99+ day(s) ago
how about tax miners? :P

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