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  FireStorm Recruiting GC-Slow  

Ok i havent got all night to write this so im just gonna gist it for you.

New fed GC Slow

highly active, chatty fed with aspirations seeks like minded anti UW members to fight alongside us. You are not required to know everything or even be good at this game as training can be provided. Vacancies available for new and old players alike. any and all interest should be directed to myself via ingame PM.

99+ day(s) ago
Join with Art of Warfare is a good idea. More targets to choose from.
99+ day(s) ago
if seperating feds confuses you then you are no threat whether an old or new fart.

*double decker*
99+ day(s) ago
nawww...separate your feds. who knows, it might confuse us old farts..

99+ day(s) ago
Why not just merge with art of warfare? We`re highly active too, and anti UW (unless we`re doing it ourselves hehe) :)

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