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  Turn Based Merge  

In about two weeks, on Sunday March 15th, we will be merging the four Turn-Based servers (Ultra, Fast, Normal, and Slow) into one server in an attempt to consolidate accounts and try to bring a little more activity and balance.

The new server will have a turn cap of 300 and a turn regeneration rate of 150 seconds per turn (non-paid). Damage Protection will expire after 36 hours.

Upon completion of the merge we will be re-enabling the Ultimate Weapon for TB and adding some slight fixes to the artifacts. Balancing changes separate from RT to make the gameplay more viable for the server setting are likely in the cards here also.

Anyone who currently plays Turn-Based, please message Renegade on the Real Time server with which server`s empire you would like transferred to the new server. If you don`t do so by March 15th, we will have backups of all servers and can transfer you in late, do not worry. You`ll just miss the fun in the meantime!

In addition to this, since so many empires have years of investment, it`s very very difficult to convince anyone, especially newer players, to start accounts on TB. With that in mind we will also be launching a competitive Turn-Based reset server alongside the RT one (overview and details can be found here) with the same type of empire funneling, where at the end of the reset server you may bring an account at a penalty to the merged persistent turn-based server.

Edited by Renegade on 2020-03-01
10day(s) ago
11day(s) ago
I think we have everyone now, apologies folks. Will start this tomorrow, it`s a bit late here!
22day(s) ago
Delayed one week to Sunday March 22nd as a few prominent TB`ers have yet to respond. Giving everyone a little more time.
35day(s) ago
Perhaps the option to bring the account to both simultaneously to see which they prefer?

I would also move that the damage protection be 48 hours so aspects of the slow server aren`t lost. 36 hours still means one would still have to log in every day under most circumstances. That might alienate some more casual players.
35day(s) ago
I thought an option from the new server was to go to turn based not just real time. For instance .someone who had RT account but no tb can go to tb instead, was the idea to increase tb players or rt? Some people don`t play RT as it`s to fast and some people don`t play Tb as it`s to slow perhaps the option of bring to either would be best? Tb will die slower otherwise
35day(s) ago
merge the servers, dont delete any empires and see who can successfully juggle 4 accounts, let the TB players sort it out themselves, and just monitor for planet trading. this idea was brought to you by the bad ideas gang.
35day(s) ago
@Pete - I see your point. And no, initially it will not change much, but as mostly ready-to-fight empires are funneled in from reset servers it may help increase activity and shift the balance of power.

One of our options is definitely keeping them all, but for what purpose? So the 5 of us who play can stare at empires we built mostly off farming npc`s and pretend to have some glory? Based on the responses to the other thread on the previous forum and the poll responses it seemed the majority of players were for a server merge. I really just don`t see the point in all 4 existing besides that. I`m im missing some key point, please help me to see it!

If anyone has a better idea to improve activity otherwise, we`re still open to discussion on most of the points, though the new server is being created regardless.

DP time will be 36 hours @BillBeard, thanks for the reminder, I`ve added it to the main post.

Edited by Renegade on 2020-03-01
36day(s) ago
I`m on side with this. What will the time given for Damage Protection be though?
37day(s) ago
I think that`s a shame, and I doubt it will have any effect on the activity of the servers. It is more or less the same empires active on all 4 servers, and the effect would be that the game is reduced to 25% of what it used to be but with the same amount of empires just on one server.

Creating a competitive empire on a turn based server is no problem, especially not after all the NPC`s has entered the game... It may take some months to build it - but hey - that`s the whole point of TB servers.

I suggest you don`t destroy the existing TB servers, but that you try to start up a new server with the characteristics mentioned.

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