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  Competitive Server / RT Future  

Much of the updates in the other thread are in preparation for the launching of a more competitive server type, RT in nature but everyone starting from scratch. This will be faster than RT with a higher turn max, plus a new overflow turn mechanic allowing you to generate a small number of turns while offline. This should allow busy folks to not have to login every 5 minutes to keep up, and also increasing the amount of action you`re able to engage in while you can login.

The server is going to be aimed at making gameplay more dynamic - More incentives to attack other players (bounties, fed war rewards), significantly reduced or no NPC`s, reduced research times, and interesting challenges.

The competitive server will be fundamentally different in that it will be a Reset Server . The server will end after a set time (likely not longer than a month or two at first) or after a given challenge (ex: first successful UW fully resets the server to 0).

In an effort to keep the persistent universe RT server alive (what you`re all currently playing on) there will be small rewards from the reset server, along with your names in a new `Hall of Fame` Style section on the main site.

At the end of the each reset server, players who do not currently have an account on Real-Time Persistent will have the opportunity to bring their competitive empire to the persistent server, as a way to get a head start and not begin the game super far behind. Ideally this will improve the population over time, while also giving long time persistent players regular chances to try a new race or playstyle. (Smaller resource / Infra caps and a transfer penalty will keep these empires from coming over and being super strong right away)

More info coming up soon but we wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Edited by Renegade on 2020-02-28
6day(s) ago
Sometime in the first half of April here, getting back to working on this now that UC is running properly.
7day(s) ago
Hi, what is the release date for this update? Im looking forward for it :)
Regards, from a returning player
23day(s) ago
Id look into Path of Exile and how they do their leagues for inspiration.
25day(s) ago
Make it permanent and I’m in
34day(s) ago
I love the sound of thiis because in a round about kind of way it approaches the problem of the infrastructure dead end. I would love it even more if you tackled that problem head on and had a mechanic that reduced the infra levels after UW or after usual battles beteen players. Yes make infra easier to level but also make it easier to LOSE infra. The amount lost if between battling players could be based on the FIDE (chess) method of rating players so that overpowered players can`t keep new players down. You want a more dynamic, competitive game then make infra loss a part of it!
35day(s) ago
I`m totally on board for harder NPC.
35day(s) ago
The new server should of be like a death match no no. No easy borders means players with skill will thrive not spam spam?I hope the bee server has 100s of players eventually
35day(s) ago
keep the NPCs make them the hard version people complained about when they werre 1st implemented
36day(s) ago
This sounds great except keep the NPC`s please. It`s just nice for there to always be more to do.
37day(s) ago
This right here. This might allow me to forgive you for your sins against the forum.

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