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  complete storyline overhaul  

I`ve been playing this game off-and-on for a few years, and it is pleasingly simple, so first off thanks. My suggestion lies with the storyline, etc...I would like to offer my (free) services to overhaul the storyline`s.
For instance, the Manual-->Alien Races-->Collective Race section. It`s Three poorly-written paragraphs (written in past and present tense, i.e. "Eventually the Collective grows tiresome of the non-conclusive war and decided to moves on."

I`m not trying to rip on game creators, just saying I`d like to help spicing it up, if this is something that`s suppose to lure people from free to paid accounts, sexy it up.

What do I want in return? What`s in it for me? Nothing, except a chance to contribute to someone with the only talent I have, and who knows if you like what I do maybe I can get a free month credit or something. I`m a struggling aspiring writer, just looking for something to pass the time without having to get a myspace or facebook account.
99+ day(s) ago
*Yep, it took us 3 years just to get ship modification privledges*
99+ day(s) ago
The game creator doesn`t care. Sorry. Wish we could. The staff has been trying for years.

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