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  Corruption: Phase 3 update  

Congrats y`all, we have made it to phase 3.

We have 4 new ships in phase 3, the data can be found in the following areas (if you find any inconsistencies please do let us know):

Vigi`s detailed UC;GC shiplist

CJS`s simplified Corruption shiplist

Some noteworthy info:

1) Of the four new ships, only 1 captures (C.PikeKingLord), and thankfully at a much lower rate of 110%.

2) One of the new ships (Corruption Leviathan) is extremely unique. First ship in GC to have 0 range, and is also essentially a damage sponge.

For the Corruption Leviathan specifically, as it is pretty much equally weak to all damage types (with kinetic being the best at -10% more) and has a range of 0, the best ship for it is the one you can build with the highest damage/br.

Vigi has done the awesome task of compiling the best ships per race to use against Corruption Leviathan:

Best ships to use against Corruption Leviathan:

Tyr > Herc for terran
Sapphire > Large Runner for miner
Overlord for coll
Angel > Pyth for maru
Ruby > Corundum > Amethyst/Emerald for guard

We`re nearing the end mateys (or maybe not). Sail on!
2day(s) ago
New Leviathans Ullr and Bia can only be taken down by a new mechanic specific to them (so far): Stealth Strikes.

Refer to this google sheet for the latest info on what ships work best vs Ullr and Bia: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M_7yaH26VNH6_QyWBMWQVZKfTy_RhJV_zlOW4jRP_SA/edit#gid=0
5day(s) ago
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Corruption has evolved, it can now capture capture ships. I.e. having your own capture ships no longer negates it`s capture abilities
10day(s) ago
That`s really cool, actually.
10day(s) ago
Update: it seems like Corruption is able to take the ships it has captured and to fuse them, bringing about monstrosities never before seen through some corrupted amalgamation.

In short: new ships like likely be fused/created as phase 3 progresses. New ship stats will be added into the Google sheets asap upon discovery.

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