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  Corruption: Important Info.  

Some important information regarding Corruption UW event:

1) All C class ships seem to have a capture rate of roughly 1100%. For every 1 ship they destroy, they gain 11 of those ships. Yup.)

2) These C class ships can capture any ships, from any race (even neutral ships, guardian ships etc)

3) Having a capture ship of your own in your fleet negates Corruption`s capturing (so cols and virals, you guys be the MVPs for this event)

4) The C class ships will not be rebuilt; once destroyed they`re gone forever for the duration of the event.

5) C Class ships have unique stats that varies significantly from their regular counterparts. Their stats can be found compiled for easy reference in the Google sheets link in my previous post, at the bottom of Vigi`s shiplist, or via the in game manual by changing the last 3 digits to 199 and above. Some ships have immunities (and shields higher than 100% in some cases), so knowing their weaknesses and range is key.

6) We have a month to kill this thing

Moving forward, this probably means a few things for us:

1) Like any true disaster, things are going to get worse before they get better. Expect Corruption`s PR to keep growing in the next few days to come.

2) This is, however, ok and expected. The most important point is: the C class ships will not be rebuilt. Eventually, these C class ships will be completely taken down, and then Corruption will be killable just like any other UW.

3) Try your best to join the GC discord, it is far easier to coordinate attacks and share stack info there.

4) As far as possible, we need to work together to bring this monster down. Unless necessary, for the duration of this event, we should try not to attack each other, especially those climbing for bit hits on Corruption.

All the best mateys, let`s save our universe.
5day(s) ago
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Corruption has evolved, it can now capture capture ships. I.e. having your own capture ships no longer negates it`s capture abilities
14day(s) ago
It`s like a little corrupted baby horror gobbling up everything.

But anyways, even though 17b looks scary, we can get a sensing of our true progress by the size of each C class ship stack. They started at 1b each, and are now around 890+m pr, so we`ve killed about 10% of the C class ships in around 2 days. As we get more familiar with the drill, this number would certainly increase.
14day(s) ago
Thanks for compiling the info, CJS.
> expect pr to keep growing:
Yesterday: 13,102,524,653 pr, now: 17,038,228,810 pr

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