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  Ship Changes - Maru/Coll  

In continuation of our ship changes, here are some Marauder and Collective changes.

These are not live yet - Should go live about 12pm 6/15 Server Time.

Ray Fighter Changes

Class Corvette -> Fighter
Energy Damage 25 -> 110
Kinetic Damage 25 -> 10
Missile Damage 0 -> 330

Energy Shield 10% -> 45%
Missile Shield 10% -> 45%
Chemical Shield 0 -> -15%

Range 6 -> 7
Hull 150 -> 166
Scanner 10 -> 5
Upkeep 12 -> 73
Power Rating 82 -> 317
Build Rate 250 -> 100

No Defense Added
No Retal Added

Manta Corvette Changes

Class Fighter -> Corvette
Energy Damage 0 -> 192
Missile Damage 75 -> 192

Energy Shield 10% -> -65%
Missile Shield 20% -> 50%
Chemical Shield 0 -> 50%

Range 6 -> 2
Hull 50 -> 1,312
Scanner 15 -> 25
Upkeep 13 -> 160
Power Rating 74 -> 512
Build Rate 250 -> 85

No Defense Added

Sting Cruiser Changes

Kinetic Damage 0 -> 475
Missile Damage 1,000 -> 475
Chemical Damage 0 -> 50

No Defense Removed

R.Monitor Dreadnought Added

Energy Damage 0
Kinetic Damage 5,000
Missile Damage 14,000
Chemical Damage 0

Energy Shield 50%
Kinetic Shield 25%
Missile Shield -20%
Chemical Shield -30%

Range 6
Hull 33,500
Scanner 12,000
Upkeep 14,512
Power Rating 29,751
Build Rate 2

No Retal

R.Tanker Juggernaught Added

Energy Damage 16,000
Kinetic Damage 7,000
Missile Damage 7,000
Chemical Damage 0

Energy Shield 0%
Kinetic Shield 65%
Missile Shield -30%
Chemical Shield 50%

Range 5
Hull 96,000
Scanner 25,000
Upkeep 32,812
Power Rating 74,069
Build Rate 1

No Retal
No Defense

Edited by Amadea on 2020-06-25
17day(s) ago
I have been looking at the new Stingfor a while now, and I do think it is slightly OP. When I look at the numbers for Weapon to PR and Hull (normalized with resistances) to PR it outperforms all rank 8 ships in the game... even the UW Eins, which is very similar. And it is much better than the Fenrir, which is a paid ship.

I feel it that at least it should have no defense added, which would also make it less of a spam ship, or the hull should be lowered. Given the high range, hull and missile/kinetic resistances it is very spammable and hard to kill. It is too much better than the Hammerhead with the extra range I think.
54day(s) ago
sting had 1000 prior to update, you`re right Nova
54day(s) ago
Am I mistaken or did the Sting actually have 1000 missile damage prior to the update, not 800?
58day(s) ago
And yeah upkeep is something we are keeping an eye on, looking to change that around the time we adjust base PR for tax empires :)
58day(s) ago
Shout out to Tranq for his help and design work with some of the new ships / ship updates! He`s been working hard to save us some time - Slap him with a thanks when you see him.
58day(s) ago
At first glance the new Ray looks like a slightly worse Hammerhead to me. All ships seem very useful and I generally like the idea of making more of the ships useful. These ships seem more stacking friendly than spammable.

Maybe you could consider looking at upkeep for the neutral ships for the guards. They basically cant use any of them exept strafez due to the much higher upkeep to income compared to other races. That might encourage guards to make more versatile fleets too and seem to fit well with the idea of getting races to have more practical ship options.

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