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We have created and are now hosting for public consumption a battle sim for both GC and UC. The sim pulls the ship data directly from our database so any/all ship changes will be reflected immediately in the sim, and you can be assured the battle code is correct.

The sim also includes a ship tester that will automatically sim a given ship against every other ship in the game, very helpful for learning more about changed ships or testing the particular strengths/weaknesses of a particular ship.

It`s a little in the early stages design wise, so it looks a little basic but the functionality is all there.

Link to the GC sim here:

59day(s) ago
GC is this server. Active shiplist.

GCCD is entirely morphed. Some ships are the same but everything has been buffed/nerfed/altered. Work in progress.
59day(s) ago
Really loving the sim. Thank you, J, Ren & Amadea for the hard work!

@Enderwiggin: It seems at the moment they have the same ship list, but I guess they`ll now try out new ship lists in GCCD, so in the future it will be different.
59day(s) ago
What`s the difference between GC and GCCD?

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