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  The $1,000,000 Rutile Question  

During the recent KalZul event, the miners and a few others sold their minerals on the Galactic Market in large sums and at bargain prices. I, for one, fortunately purchased large sums of Red Crystal at $750/unit. I do not plan to sell this material; it is literally just a store of wealth, or maybe even a credit sink.

It has been, in my youthful mind, a figurative dry season on the mineral market since our friendly KalZul event has passed. I wish to spend my Universal Credits on ore and minerals, and yet the supplies are infrequent and small in quantity. I stare at the abyss that is the Black Market, I throw my million credits into it, and the Black Market gives me a single Rutile. I can continue feeding the enigma, but I would rather feed other empires.

I pose a single question: What if the Galactic Market allowed empires to sell minerals up to $1,000,000 per unit?

I am one new, small empire among many old veterans. I cannot fathom the economic changes or power shifts my question implies. Therefore, I seek your suggestions and remarks. A busy market implies more activity. More activity breeds more battling. More battling requires more minerals.

With warm regards to all who took the time to read this message,
70day(s) ago
its was you, you bought all the rutile :P
70day(s) ago
we wont get minerals until a.miner ships arent garbage
71day(s) ago
1/2 production
Double costs
Reduce max cash to 1t
71day(s) ago
incentivized via....higher prices maybe?
73day(s) ago
I must say I`ve not personally been a fan of market controls, but they seem to serve the majority well. I don`t think we need $1,000,000 rutile. We need more A Miners producing minerals, but for that to happen they probably need to be incentivized.

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