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  Unknown Empire TB Winners  

Rewards will be handed out over the next 24h as I get to everyone.

If you were the winner of a custom event reward, please PM Renegade on GC/RT to discuss your reward, or if you`re on it discord Renegade#1547 (easier to discuss there!).

PvE Rewards as follows:

1st Place: MastaKilla
2nd Place: wingMut
3rd Place: forsakenwolf
4th Place: harrylongbone
5th Place: Repulse
6th Place: KnightofBaa
7th Place: StrikeFreedom
7th Place: Bill

PvP Rewards as follows:

1st Place: Cyclone
2nd Place: KatzRule
3rd Place: wingMut

Fed Rewards:

1.) MK
2.) The Cyclozoide Tomb

1.) The Cyclozoide Tomb
2.) MK
3.) Iron Wolf

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone for your participation! Got a lot to work on to make the next event better, this has been a great learning experience.

Edited by Renegade on 2020-05-29
80day(s) ago
Amazing event and congratulations to everyone, I really enjoyed myself. I hope you all did too.

The Cyclozoide Tomb must have placed for the PVE fed rewards as well eh?

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