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  GC RT Guardian Wants You !!!  

Thank You For Reading,

The GC RT Guardian Federation is currently recruiting new members !

We are a new federation on the server and hope to recruit more members

Our Mission is to recruit and train new comers to the game, to make a difference in the lower regions across the server, and to have fun doing it!

Currently still a growing fed, though sporting multiple empires with lots of experience, help and advice will be given to those who ask.

There are no requirements for joining except be active and be looking to improve your empire.

All players are welcome to apply.

To join the federation

1. Click "Intelligence"
2. Type "Joker"
3. Click "More info" under Guardian
4. Click "Apply"

From all of us in Guardian, we look forward to seeing you, either in our ranks... or in battle!

Joker & Guardian wishes you luck on your Applications
99+ day(s) ago
Joker eh? Almost forgot that I knew you from my older days
99+ day(s) ago
i will do it

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