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We are under new Leadership (me).

We are a growing federation, that has a few experienced players that are happy to help.

As we are currently a small federation, i won`t be implementing are rules.
For this reason, this federation is ideal for anyone who wants a not pushy, learn at there own pace federation.

I will also change federation war are the members discretion.

Thanks for reading and i look forward to your application to join.
(simply intel my name, click federation, and apply).

99+ day(s) ago
MLG how many times have you changed your name since you started?
99+ day(s) ago
best fed ever
99+ day(s) ago
lol MLG :D
*then remembers it my fed* lol

Well we fitt the market, it`s for those tthat just want to have fun! You don`t have to have rabies, you don`t have to smoke (cheeky) all day long, you dont have to be abused saints or basterds, you don`t even have to have distempter...

You just need to be an GC-Untouchable
(NP) is the best way *joking* :P

But yeah, all about fun, enjoyment, we`re not the best but we don`t play to be,
we play in our free time to have fun :p
99+ day(s) ago
Yeah right come to rabies :P
99+ day(s) ago
best fed ever

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