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  The Galactic Council!  

is now recruiting GC/RT ;D
99+ day(s) ago
The only galactic council is the one that makes up the GC staff that serves Stephen.
99+ day(s) ago
99+ day(s) ago

Edited by GameAsst on 2009-09-02
99+ day(s) ago
99+ day(s) ago
there is no d mara threat on rt so this thread is a waste of time they succeed nothing on rt n00bz
99+ day(s) ago
Transmission: 23:16 081509

The few remnants of the galactic council have formed an defacto government alliance.

Warui has called upon the greatest empires of the galaxy to arms to fight the new D Maru threat.
99+ day(s) ago
hmm all this talk of councils....sounds like a ploy to revive the Bronxeon Council to push it`s treachery on the server once again like it did in the primordial days of GC. Until the Underdogs and T-Dogs brought it down, but now with the Underdogs having been long since disbanded and the T-Dogs geriatric it would make since that now would be the time that the surviving Council members would come back out and re-establish their eternal foot hold on this server once again.

Be wary my fellow GC`ers especially those who weren`t around for those cataclysmic events. everything may not be as it seems, many names have changed over the years and no one can be trusted. a word to the cautious and paranoid, don`t even trust yourself...it may be time for you to get "reactivated."
99+ day(s) ago
looks like a pretty impressive fed, i think i may join if they will let a little ol` n00b like me in.

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