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  GC RT Guardian Wants You !!!  

Thank You For Reading,

A battle lost , ships and planets all gone !
Wouldn`t it be nice to be singing a song of Victory?
With Empires full of credits and land !
21 members in total all we hold !
So come join us instead as we sneak among the darkness
We swash buckle and plunder as we spring plenty of surprises !
Wasn`t it a perfect Capture ?
To be set before a King
Now now make you decision quick !
Stop counting out your own coins
Before ships set sail in this battle stricken Galaxy
And carnage and destruction befall you...

+If you are interested in joining ?+
Click "Intelligence"
Type "Serperior"
Click "Guardian -More info"
Click "Apply

We are a old federation that dates back from all the way to 2006 and are hoping to revive the federation and need more members for this to be possible =)

Our Mission is to recruit and train new comers to the game, to make a difference in the lower regions across the server, and to have fun doing it!

There are no requirements for joining except be active and be looking to improve your empire.

Join us today !
Happy Hunting
99+ day(s) ago
realise not many play the latest pokemon game
99+ day(s) ago
No Travv its Serperior as in the Pokemon.
99+ day(s) ago

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