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  Game feature idea: Relics  

Idea: Relics

When exploring, digging for artifacts, or when plundering colonies, empires have a small chance of finding relic parts, and a minute chance of finding complete relics. 3 relic parts can be combined in the capsule lab to form a random relic. Marauders and Collectives have bonuses to relic and relic part drop rates from plundering colonies.

Similar to artifacts, relics cannot be used. Instead, they provide passive effects, one positive and one negative. Effects are chosen at random from various tables of effects, each table associated with a different relic part (i.e. gives players some control as to what effects the relic can end up with when fusing). Effects for relics that drop fully formed are randomized from all valid tables.

An empire can hold up to 3 relics. If an empire`s relic storage is full, no new relics can be discovered or created. The relics that an empire owns are visible at all times through the empire summary page.

Relics are powerful items, as such, destroying any relic requires 50 turns.

Some examples of relics:

Random relic name
- All ships in your fleet get +7.8% to weapon damage
- All ships in your fleet get -8.4% to hull

Random relic name
- Your turns generate 4.3% faster
- Ship upkeep for your fleet is increased by 7.2%

In addition, empires have a small chance of creating/finding Unique relics with gameplay changing passives. For instance:

Queen`s Matriarchy
- Your Strafez Queens lose 1 range, but gain 99.95% energy shield
- You cannot build Strafez Kings

Famine`s Touch (Guards will not get this)
- Your population consumes raw material instead of food
- Your tax income is no longer increased by loyalty

- Your fighters and Corvettes can initiate Stealth Strikes
- You can no longer build battleship class ships and above

Transient Thoughts
- Turns needed for plundering reduced to 1, plundering generates minerals according to land size and planet mineral type, scales with mining
- You cannot cluster
99+ day(s) ago
Unique relics with major gameplay changing effects can also be locked behind UW rewards, an additional incentive for pulling off a UW

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