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[Using the dig times as inspiration]

For eons empires have been meddling with technologies they shouldn`t have. Finally, the stresses these technologies have caused to the Space Time Continuum can be experienced in real space.


The Time Storm

Common effects:

1. Automated shipyards have been reporting battle groups returning for maintenance while the ships seemingly needed none.
- .5x Fleet Upkeep.
2. Additionally these shipyards are reporting rates of production that far exceed system specifications.
- 2x Build Rate.

Uncommon effects:

1. A privately owned university has once again opened its doors to new students. Situated near a semi-permanent Time Storm, the Director of this institution guarantees twice the bureaucratic experience in half the time. These claims are so far unconfirmed.
- +25% Turn Capacity.
2. TBD

Rare effects:

1. A young neighboring empire reported a particularly nasty Time Storm had completely engulfed its colonies. Once it had passed, said empire revealed it had made several major breakthroughs in various fields, if only we all could be so lucky.
- 2x Turn Rate.
2. **TBD**

Side Effects:

1. While experiencing a Time Storm, manned locations will need additional resupplies if they are not already self sufficient.
- 2x Consumption rate of Food/CGs

While these "Time Storms", as the scientists call them are quite beneficial to the lucky few to have experienced them... there is no way to know how much damage has been done to our universe. Perhaps this is a warning for something more dangerous to come.
99+ day(s) ago
I really like how this can be a precursor to a future event.

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