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Feel free to post any ideas/thoughts as to what would make having a fed war here on GC, more fun, than just using the post system or a IM service..

Here are a few ideas for which I have:

Fed member kills. - When at war with another fed, and a member of your fed wins either by defending or attacking, they get a counter number or symbol identifying their rank within the fed. The higher the number, listed for only fed members, the more `ranked` they get within the fed.

Attacking Screen Mod - When at fed war with another, some sort of tag should identify them here as a member of the enemy federation. (Possibly same for allies..)

This is what I have for now, but feel free to add to this listing. Maybe "someone" will take a look and maybe they might see something promising or have a comment to add to an idea/suggestion.

Play Unfair, Destroy and Pillage!!!!!

<~^*^~> CypherClone
99+ day(s) ago
3 fed wars world war 3 jihad agaisnt me
99+ day(s) ago
that would be great. I might be drunk again but this thread keeps disappearing and then reappearing, is this something to do with ur mods anfit?
99+ day(s) ago
stats i can do...
99+ day(s) ago
1. fed war wins and losses stats for each member
2. Planet count graph since the war started
3. (this one`s more obscure) I would like to see the fed wars fought on a 1 vs 1 fleet basis where everyone in the fed contributes wot they can to a fed fleet and the fleet battles with another feds fleet - never gona happen tho
99+ day(s) ago
Cypher if you use anfits plugin you can use something called blood war this will notify you who is an ally or enemy once set up
99+ day(s) ago
actually, i would say to the second idea you have listed SpawnOfDeath, instead of double colonies captured, how about making an option for fed wars only, to when you capture 2-3 colonies, you gain a percent of their entire resources and cash as well :p so if you were to attack on careful, you would get like 2%, normal like 4% and aggressive like 7.5%.

Now THAT would freakin make this game rock!!!!!!!!!!!
99+ day(s) ago
Decmember to dismember. Next Dec. every fed must pick a fed war with 3 other feds. mandatory fed wars. that would be WW3.

idea 2. um how abotu during fed war double possible lostes of colonies. Too make it easier to get to good planets and also amke the other side back down quicker. So allow for 6 colonies to be captured instead of 3.

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