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  Idea... On market prices  

There should be no limit to the amount you can sell your good/food minerals/ore etc.... If there is no goods, i should be able to post goods at 100 each, wether people buy them or not, is different. Agree disagree?
99+ day(s) ago
a mineral amount price per increase would be interesting. but on the other hand, that would make it harder for most players to build their fleets, especially the ones doing the UW attempts. Very much more costly. Sounds good to me, only cause I am an AMiner :p
99+ day(s) ago
ooooo thats why you can only sell them for 4 per good being that they sell to you pop for 5... ok i get it
99+ day(s) ago
the rich people would control the market and keep prices high so it would be almost impossible for new players
99+ day(s) ago
Goods are sold at a fixed price of 5 per unit to your pop. Noone needs goods to survive.

although a free market would be nice at times, most of the time i think it wouldn`t

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