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  WW3 wants Fighters  

WW3 is a federation with a mission, :P

Our mission is

Stage 1#
To Piss The Server
(artifacts, attacks, pm`s are all allowed)
Get Every Active Fed To Declaire On Us

Stage 2#

Rule 1# You will follow Rule 3
Rule 2# You will follow Rule 3

and the most important Rule

Rule 3# You will Piss off the server

me/ So if your up for Fighting the Server!!!
join us :P and fight :P

WW3 is not responsible fo your actions, and as much as its our goal to piss the server off, we ask that you follow GC rules! And as a side note, VampireOfTheNight is inocent and has nothing to do with this...
99+ day(s) ago
yeah... thats the not-smartest idea ever.
one, its not-smartic.
two, you have no sense of grammar, whatsoever
99+ day(s) ago
ill consider forgiving you after i find you out of dp and make your life hell for a few months :-)
99+ day(s) ago
lol alryt then... sorry maruadian...
99+ day(s) ago
hmmm i wasnt aware i could look at your detail page and i certainly havent mentioned anything about clusters , im talking about the post above such as your methods of artifact pms and atacks , although mine has other methods

and your rule thing is almost the same as mine just not as sexy
99+ day(s) ago
*takes that back* you proble just guessed lol

but yeh ww3, site is better :P
more orginal and nice layout and beutified html :P now thats sexy :P
99+ day(s) ago
Marudian "even the layout is almost the same as my detail page, just alot less sexy"
does that mean you looked at WW3 details bored lol
thats cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its an unfair advanatage!!!

and abusing your powers *am not impressed*
we in WW3 follow the rules, and hell if we had infomation about clusters, it would be an unfair advantage to you, as you seen my fed details bored when u didnt have access...

but i wount be reporting you, just dont cheat or ELSE
99+ day(s) ago

yeah we some of the best. =P
99+ day(s) ago
yar even if it wasnt your intention it looks like a poor copy of Hërë Tö Piss Yöü öff
maybe a lil more childish than it though , even the layout is almost the same as my detail page, just alot less sexy

but owell seperate feds completely and im confident my members cant be copied or bettered so goodluck with yours

99+ day(s) ago

just bring it,

i know my stats are a bit rubbish but just bear in mind i restarted like 2 hours ago.
99+ day(s) ago
lol whos "here to piss u off"?
arnt they like a bunch of sensitive guy...
not naming any names, but i know somone had a cuddly toy =)

and you know what, thats fine... but it hardly fits the image
but WW3...
lets just say are We`re Against The Server :P
99+ day(s) ago
If u want to piss people off, ever considered getting good enough to join "here to piss u off" lol

or are u just not good enough?

99+ day(s) ago
lmao drinks to that

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