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I need advice about how to manage an empire. Im going to loose again. Iv`e had to restart atleast 5 times. Please help.
99+ day(s) ago
well before you leave NP for the first time make sure you have plenty of credits behind you and lots of research.

it is a good idea to research all ships, and get infra research up to lvl 20 min before leaving NP.

Best infra for each race:-
Terran:- comercial
A.Miner:- Housing
Collective:- Agriculture

once you have this research done, construct upon you homeworld as much housing as you need for the infra you need then build the infra.

eg for a terran the standard homworld set up would be:-
housing 50
comercial 450

no other infra is required

Housing 500

Housing 50
Agriculture:- 450

these asume min levels of housing in terran and collective case. obviously if u have researched housing you may need to reduce the ammount accordingly.

Once that is done you should have a stable income (for A.Miner it is recomended that you regularly buy food and goods from the market to sustain your population)

from there you can build a fleet to a max of around 10k PR with which to attack and defend.

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