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Tournament Server

Start: Friday, March 3rd 2:00 PM Server Time

Duration: 8 Days

Ends: Saturday, March 11th 2:00 PM Server Time

Feds will be capped at three members.
Everyone starts from scratch on a fresh server.
NPC`s will exist on the tournament server, though you may find small differences in rewards and fleets.

Top prize will be for highest total fed PR at close of server, with smaller prizes for a few other categories.

Shiplist will be incredibly similar to current GC/RT shiplist.

More details to follow!

Edited by Renegade on 2023-02-26
99+ day(s) ago
Congrats 🥳🥳
99+ day(s) ago
We are thrilled to announce the results of our recent tournament server event! It was quite the tournament, and we`re grateful to see so many of you participating and showcasing your skills. Your dedication to the game is what keeps us motivated to continue developing and improving the experience for all of you.

🥇 First Place: Astra Venice - Power Rating: 895,094,505
Congratulations to the members of Astra Venice federation - teaspoon, Piper, and NotDrLatBC - for their outstanding performance! Your teamwork and strategic planning have certainly paid off.

🥈 Second Place: Drlats bath water - Power Rating: 380,366,642
Kudos to the members of Drlats bath water federation - WifeReallyHatesMe, Avue, and Vigi - for their efforts!

The Prizes 🎁

🏆 Astra Venice (1st Place) Prizes:

3 Galactic Credits each
+1,000 land to a colony of their choice
2 Big Time Capsules for each member

🏆 Drlats bath water (2nd Place) Prizes:

+500 land to a colony of each member`s choice
1 Big Time Capsule each

Once again, congratulations to both winning federations! Please message Renegade in game on the Real-Time server with your preferred reward server and colony.

To all the players who took part in the tournament server, thank you for your dedication and passion. We hope you enjoyed the challenge and look forward to seeing you in the next events!

Winners have been added to our new Modern-Era DeathMatch Tournament page - View here.
99+ day(s) ago
Server Link:

Good Luck Everyone!
99+ day(s) ago
It`s RT dm. Turn storage max in 16 minutes. Next tournament can be TB turn storage max in 8 hours? 😁😁
99+ day(s) ago
Tournament Server Settings - March 3rd - March 11th

An 8 day brawl of 3 man feds for highest total federation Power Rating at the close of the round.

Turn Regeneration Base Rate: 4.0s per turn

Base Turn Cap: 250

- Everyone will be starting a fresh account on a fresh server at the opening of the round.

- Federations will lock on Wednesday, March 8th at 7:00PM Server Time. After this time you will be unable to join or leave a federation.

- Current GC/RT shiplist as of March 1st, with only slight upkeep adjustments to certain ships.

- Various goals/features will be in play to affect the turn regeneration rate and turn cap during play.

- Virals will be able to select their RE ships as soon as they start an empire. This costs no turns or credits and is instaneous.
Simply go to Build Ships -> Select Your Ships at the top.

- Turn cost to Infect or Assimilate planets or clusters will be lowered to 2 for the duration of the round.

- A new feature called the Galactic Reserve will be in play where players can flex their economic might to affect global server settings to their favor throughout the round.

- NPC Reward Rates have been adjusted accordingly with the server state.

Prizes to be announcement when feds lock.

Given the nature of only having a few testers, we`d love feedback throughout the round about the settings, state, and ideas for future tournaments.

Disclaimer: We only have a few testers so if the settings are not conducive to engaging gameplay we may tweak things slightly in round - though we will do our
best to avoid having to do so.
99+ day(s) ago
2o23 Server Tournament

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