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  Tournament Server - March 18th  

Tournament Server

Start: Saturday, March 18th 4:00 PM Server Time

Duration: 3 hours

Ends: Saturday, March 18th 7:00 PM Server Time

This DeathMatch will be Free-For-All - Federations will be capped at 1 member.
Everyone starts from scratch on a fresh server.
No NPC`s will exist for the duration of this tournament.

Top prize will be for individual most planets at close of server.

Shiplist will be incredibly similar to current GC/RT shiplist.

More details to follow!

This DM is part of a four-DM series over the next two weeks. Three additional upcoming events include:

Tuesday March 21st, 3 hour DM. Most Planets. RT style turns. 1 person feds.

Friday March 24th, 3 hour DM. Hybrid style turns, Most Planets. 1 person feds.

Sunday, March 26th, 3 hour DM. Turn-Based style. You will have a set amount and earn very few throughout the DM. 2 person feds. Highest Fed PR.

Times and extra details to be posted closer.

There will be (VERY small, you won`t even want these) extra prizes for best/most overall top 5 finishes across this 4 DM series. Mostly some really legit bragging rights.

9day(s) ago
Congratulations to Barry for winning the March 23rd Tournament for Most Planets! A thrilling last few minutes.

The Tournament for Friday, March 24th will take place at 9:00PM ST and last for three hours, until 12:00PM ST.

Settings will remain the same as the March 23rd DM.

The Sunday, March 26th Tournament has been postponed indefinitely.
11day(s) ago
Tuesday March 21st DM has been postponed to March 23rd at 6:30AM Server Time.

Start: 6:30AM Server Time
End: 9:30AM Server Time

Similar to the last DM with a few changes:
- No Homeworlds for any race. Everyone can die.
*Due to this all empires will start with 9 extra colonies of 500 land Balanced.*
- 6 minute DP time. Refresh will be shortened.
- There will be no technology tree`s, you will start with all your ships.
- Projects besides Colony Upgrade and DSR will be disabled.
- Artifacts will be disabled. You will not receive any artifacts on empire creation.
- 4 seconds per turn, cap of 50 turns.
14day(s) ago
Details for todays DM - Saturday March 18th

Turn Rate: 5 seconds per turn
Turn Cap: 50

No NPC`s.
No Federations, this is a Free-For-All Deathmatch.

Shiplist will match current GC.

Cluster Level 4 and it`s Tainted / Assimilated counterparts, as well as 256 planet Similare C5`s will not exist.
125 planet C3`s and 128 Planet Tainted / Assimilated C.5`s will be the largest clusters available.
U Class can still be clustered though you may find they don`t get too crazy in size.

Extraneous features have been removed, no goals or reserve or anyway to affect the turn rate.

Individuals with the most planets at close of server win.

Good luck and have fun!

16day(s) ago
Ok 👍👍
16day(s) ago
They`re going to cover various TZ`s as we go! Unfortunately with a global player base there isn`t any three hour time slot that covers the whole world, but we will be rotating so everyone gets a prime time slot at least once. Apologies about the first one here for you!
17day(s) ago
It`s 4am for me 😭😭

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