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  Explo is dead, long live explo  

Hi all, thanks for the ride, the danger or a galaxy-scale explosion will be averted this time (not for long, it seems, but still).
Thanks for the artie barrage, it was enjoyable.

It seems all the last decade`s tweaks to hamper explos were for naught, it`s possible stil despite caps and limits. What foils it is something completely different: the RT-like overabundance of turns on TB, which makes the artie stores quite full.This makes the 2BTC/2Blue Orb bug/feature a problem - I can assemble barely 3000 turns for historia-defence :D

I think it can be made more enjoyable, though, but this game has never been about arties.

I`ll return after a bit of a pause - or if I find a sponsor ;).
99+ day(s) ago
later dude

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