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What Do These Things Do?

- I-Tech Library (You cannot buy this to bypass the cooldown between uses, only saves you the turns/credit costs).
- Un-Reverse Engineer (Same as I-Tech regarding bypassing the cooldown between uses.)
- Deep Space Radar
- Celestial Temple
- Advanced Exploration
99+ day(s) ago
- Advanced Exploration Sounds cool
99+ day(s) ago
1) it tells you right there already. saves the turns/credit costs of doing an i-tech.
2) allows you to choose new ships to RE as viral
3) allows you to see all the attacks on the server(does not show win/loss or PR) just x attacked y z minutes ago
4) a project that is basically a money dump to invest minerals or ore and top 5 highest temples have chances to win items like artifiacts or credits
5) allows you to choose the type of planets you wish to keep exploring. it doesnt improve odds for any planet but saves the turns of plundering as it only keeps the planets you have selected to keep like barran/balanced/etc

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