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  Idea for turnbased  

Hi all,
I haven`t posted in a while so I figured I`d chip in with an idea for turn-based. Whenever a successful UW happens could potentially award an empire(s) with some infra levels for putting up resistance. The focus would be on awarding newish empires for actively participating, and rewards could be 5-10 levels for 1-2 empires, with none being given to an empire with more than 150 levels. It takes a long time to catch up in turn based, and it seems like most of the older established empires tend to conglomerate into a super fed. I don`t think this would have a huge impact, but could be a nice reward for activity with the upside of helping to foster a more competitive balance. Thanks for coming to my TED talk, EW out.
99+ day(s) ago
Yeah I`d like to think it`d take more than a 300m UW to succeed, and perhaps with the right opposition that`d be true. I don`t really think 150 is too high, but I could be wrong, but I don`t think there are that many <100level empires that are going to be affected by this. And it should only be OP if there are repeat UW`s in which case we should probably be encouraging power shifts as repeat UWs are a pretty solid sign that balance is questionable.
99+ day(s) ago
Interesting, I don`t have a problem with more competition. However, 1 guard is plenty to take down a 300M UW with the right resources as can any other significant race, viral, marauder, etc. So there would need to be some balance in rewarding levels because a 100+ infra level empire would really get ahead other empires if it were to fight UW`s all the time. I think there would have to be a cap on that reward once you hit an infra level (150 is too high imo, 101 is fine), also I do think the infra levels from 25-100 could be tweaked, but 3 months will get you to 100 levels roughly.

Also, the superfed hasn`t had new applicants (other than nostalgia players) in forever because we wanted more challengers and not make it more one sided, just no one likes TB.
99+ day(s) ago
i like it

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