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  Further Upkeep changes  

J. — 04/22/2021
next round of upkeep changes will be sb`s and neutrals (uw ships probably will not be touched at all). feedback on the following is appreciated:

new upkeep mods (these are on top of the existing upkeep formula applied after race mod)
sb: 1.2
f class: .9
e class: 1.4
c class (and light): 1.2
fez: .15

miner race upkeep mod reduced to 9 (from 10)

spreadsheet below for easy viewing - look at the tabs at the bottom


also something i`m considering is reducing hoko and chimaera`s br to provide a cheaper sb for these race`s. potentially also for diamond and chiron (br nerfs to make these cheaper and more reasonable)

the br nerfs i`m ambivalent about so it would be mostly up to preferred usage
99+ day(s) ago
miner breakeven point is higher than every other race even after the changes redline. its not unplayable in the least unless you think every other race has always been unplayable
99+ day(s) ago
RIP in pieces A.miner. Completely unplayable.

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