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  Ship updates pt 2.  


New viral B class details:

PR: 8982
Total attack: 4,250
Energy Attack: 0
Kinetic Attack: 1,500
Missile Attack: 2,750
Chemical Attack: 0
Range: 6

Hull: 11,200
Energy Shield: 20
Kinetic Shield: -50
Missile Shield: 35
Chemical Shield: -20

No Defense: Yes
No Retal: Yes

Build Rate: 5
Capture Rate: 0
Scanner: 400

Cost: 134,730
Upkeep: 6,287

TM Cost: 40
RC Cost: 40
WC Cost: 40
Rutile Cost: 40
Comp Cost: 0
Strafez Cost: 0

The ship is live on GCCD and feedback is welcome, particularly on the attack types. There is room for small design alterations but the ship archetype will not change. Depending on feedback provided, this and the previous ship updates will go live at the server refresh on the 28th server time

BadWolfYesterday at 12:44 AM

In addition to the new viral b class ship, viral`s will not be able to reverse terran P class. All viral`s will get an un-reverse engineer project soon to go along with this. Viral`s with all re`s done can request new ships to reverse.

All viral`s will be having their reversed ships wiped to go inline with this.
99+ day(s) ago
i`ve sent you a pm on the subject mompy.
99+ day(s) ago
Ive sended PM`s to BW ad ren. So far no reponse.
I`ll stay in VM till they are ready to give my ships back.
99+ day(s) ago
send a message to bw or ren to have ships given to you for re. i`d also highly recommend you create a discord account and join the gc discord where these updates and discussions take place.
99+ day(s) ago
i have no reversed engineered ships left not one. i assume i will have to start reversing them again, or is there anoyher opyion
99+ day(s) ago
TLDR. live in 30 minutes.

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