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Just figured i`d paste the update message here for people not in discord since PP asked before.

Renegade Today at 5:13 PM
Comprehensive Ship Update has been added to the development server for testing and feedback.
Changes are as follows:

Thor: Range to 9, attack type to kin, hull to 812, shields to 0/15/-15/0
Zeus: Shields to 15/-10/40/-10
Apollo: Range to 4, br to 410 (27060 pr/turn), hull to 40
Kalieum: Total attack to 400, attack split to 350/0/0/50
Chim: Upkeep to 28240
Herc: Changed to P class, no change to research requirement

Rhyo: Range to 5, attack to 1756
Lakko: Upkeep to 33000
Hoko: Upkeep to 13400
Kryo: Upkeep to 120000

Pinn: Added NR
Overlord: total attack to 55000, attack split to 30000/0/0/25000, shields to 40/-50/0/45, capture to 100
Galleon: upkeep to 615
Manowar: br to 90, upkeep to 247

Borrely: Added ND, hull to 360, shields to 10/-10/-20/50
Chiron: Range to 5, shields to -80/0/55/20, upkeep to 18482
Cronus: Class changed to B, capture rate to 0
New B Class: TBD

Pike, Sting, Ray: Changed to D class (Un-Reverseable)
Bullhead, Thresher, Angel: Removed from D Class (Reversable)

Quartz: Added ND, Range to 4
Zen: Added ND
Corundum: Added NR, Added ND, Attack split changed ene/kin/missile 12500/10000/7500, shields to 30/50/-30/0, br changed to 1
Tourmaline: Range to 3, Added ND, total attack to 9800 split kin/missile 6000/3800, upkeep reduced to 690

Broadsword: Attack to 781, hull to 334
Pulsar: Attack to 1100, hull to 825
Quasar: Removed Entirely.

Starbase costs nerfed to 9-10% higher than that race`s most expensive ship.
99+ day(s) ago
long form discussions on ship changes occur on the discord in the game-discussion channel; its tightly moderated and kept on-topic. if you dont want to interact with others in a less moderated way, you can mute all channels in the gc discord except game-discussion (and updates) and have a nice discussion about the changes and your perceived impact.
99+ day(s) ago
You are an not-smart.
99+ day(s) ago
since you said how and not why i`ll do my best. You see games run off something called "code". To modify something in the game they have to change said code. So they modified the code for these ships. heck, they even deleted the code for one. then added another. crazy stuff
99+ day(s) ago
Explanation to how these changes came about would be much appreciated.
99+ day(s) ago
99+ day(s) ago
I love how we dont put old stats so im just looking at random numbers
99+ day(s) ago
pulsar still exists
99+ day(s) ago
What if you don’t want to give a viral or col your long range missile ships but still interested in fighting them?
99+ day(s) ago
quasar existing (and to a lesser extent, pulsar) invalidates basically every other 9 range missile ship.
99+ day(s) ago
What did quasar do?
99+ day(s) ago
I totally skipped that piece ... since I was expecting that at the top.
99+ day(s) ago
Man, if people can`t even read the first sentence of his message they probably dont deserve the note :P
99+ day(s) ago
Note - this is in development server only, not in the production game server yet.

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