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Tuesday, November 17th at 11AM Server Time we will be releasing a new GC server as a hybrid TB/RT concept server.

This server will have a number of changes from current GCC and will run from its launch until the launch of the rewrite.
Post rewrite launch we will make the determination to leave it running or end it based on player feedback.
The server will give us a chance to test some quick ideas in relation to balancing and the endgame meta and provide
a different style of playing environment from the current live legacy server.

*** All of the changes are subject to experimentation and continued change throughout the life of the server. ***
Ship and economy changes may happen rather quickly at times.

The server will have a turn cap of 1,000, and a turn rate of 14.4 seconds per turn.
This leads to a 4 hour timer to cap turns.

- Federations have a member cap of 8 (7 + Leader).

- Counter attacks are restricted to 200% of the defenders power.

- Exploration requirements are be based on a combo of total land and number of planets.

- NPC`s no longer give C3/C4`s as rewards, except in special circumstances on new special NPC`s.
- NPC`s have nerfed rewards.
- Less NPC`s exist overall.

- Several new projects have been added, including UnReverse Engineer, the Deep Space Radar, and
Advanced Exploration.

- Several new planet types exist, and many existing planets have been changed drastically.

- Several more players may happen upon!

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Where`s this new server
99+ day(s) ago
Where`s this new server
99+ day(s) ago
New Server Now Open!

Access Here: https://wrindustries.com/GCC/i.cfm?
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After the server is hard reset by successful completion of an Ultimate Weapon, the next iteration of the server will begin shortly afterwards, with a theme/effects/turn-rate/etc etc decided by a vote of those who were played the first round.
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Server Mechanics Information:

Let me preface this by saying that everything that follows is up in the air for feedback and changes as we go.
This server is supposed to be fun for the players, so open to what you guys want to see while you wait patiently for rewrite.

There will be two major mechanics involved with the new server for the first round:

1.) The server will hard reset on completion of a successful Ultimate Weapon.
Completing a successful Ultimate Weapon will only require 24 hours of defending the Hektar and Loktar, as opposed to the current 48 hours.
In addition, upon completing the Loktar, a 48 hour countdown will begin until the Ultimate Weapon starts. Once the countdown begins, all players will
be notified of the time the Ultimate Weapon will start, though not which empire has completed the projects.

The guild that successfully completes the Ultimate Weapon will get something fancy for the next round, maybe a name badge, maybe a cool chat color,
maybe a small empire boost. TBD

2.) The Turn Rate will be variable and will change throughout the duration of the server, based on the players accomplishing a series of server-wide goals:
Turn rates will adjust at the next server refresh after the goal has been met. The first stage of goals is meant to be reached relatively quickly.

Stage 1 Goals and Rewards:
- Serverwide population encompasses 40 total non-NPC accounts: -1s per turn.
- Serverwide wealth encompasses 100,000,000,000 credits: -0.7s per turn.
- Serverwide planet count encompasses 1,000 planets: -0.7s per turn.
- Serverwide Infrastructure Research Levels total 1,000: -1s per turn.
- 50 battles fought over 10,000,000 Power Rating between two players: -1s per turn.

Given completion of all the stage 1 goals, the turn rate will end at 10 seconds per turn once stage one is done.
Stage 2 goals will be released as the server comes close to completing stage 1.

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