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  New UW Rewards  

Benefits of launching an Ultimate Weapon

1. Name in hall of fame
2. Restart Any Race
3. 90% damage to all none fed members

4.Get a UW class ship depending how many consecutive UW`s the empire has set off post 1/1/2012

*For one UW, Eins
*For two consecutive UW`s, Zwei
*For Three consecutive UW`s, Drei

There are Four variants of each ship, though all have the same exact stats EXCEPT Mineral cost and upkeep, these differences can be seen HERE

If you Go inactive/Restart in any way, EXCEPT by performing a UW, after performing a Successful UW not only will you be ineligible for any of these rewards but your Count for UW class ships will start all over again.

Empire Bob has UW`d twice in a row and received the Eins and Zwei, but then his empire dies forcing him to restart...if he were to pull off another successful UW he would then only receive the Eins

5. Starting planet reward, you may choose one of the below:

Regular planets and Edens Set Size`s as follows

* 20k - Real Time
* 15k - Turn-Based

U.Large Sizes set sizes as follows

* 25k - Real Time
* 20k - Turn-Based

U.Fert Sizes set sizes as follows

* 10k - Real Time
* 8.5k - Turn-Based

6. Artifact package , the contents of the package again is discussable for each gamespeed but an example would be:

* TB :- 35 bases 30 regalo 8 btc 16 stc 8 major gordo 3 pcc
* RT :- 40 bases 30 regalo 10 btc 20 stc 10 major gordo 3 pcc

Extra things.

*Those who become Guardian after a UW will get 1,000 loyalty on their planets.
*Those who become Terrans and Miners will have their Homeworld turned into a Baseworld making it possible for them die.

Starting up a UW will set your Big Time Capsules and Blue orbs to 2
Meaning if you have more than 2 of either of those you will lose them.

Edited by Renegade on 2020-07-13

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